Wednesday, March 30, 2011

anthropologie for your kitchen

We all know that Anthropologie has a wide selection of beautiful clothing.  But they also offer unique and lovely items for your home.  I am particularly fond of their kitchen are my favorites!    

1. latte bowls (set of 6), $30
2. juxtapose dishtowels (set of 3), $24
3. pure & good hand duo, $34
4. picking pansies holders, $14 (each)
5. wide-eyed dish towel, $18
6. the lady's apron, $32
7. farmers egg crate, $14
8. food fashion friends, $49.99
9. laguiole steak knives, $78
10. magnetic timer, $12
11. washable paper bag, $20


HeLLo! said...

now what would you use item 11 for decoration or really for groceries? thanks.

Kelly said...

I would use it for storage of odds-and-ends in the kitchen :)

Dana @MyCherryPie said...

I would love to have a complete anthro kitchen! It would be a dream :)

Kelly said...

Me too Dana!! :)

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