Thursday, March 17, 2011

meet my "girls" ... gigi and chloe

...and by "girls," I mean bikes!  I have two quite lovely bike's in my life.  I affectionately refer to these two wheeled friends as Gigi and Chloe.  Gigi was my first love: a laid back gal, sweet as she can be.  Chloe came later, and she is more of a sassy hipster.  I could never choose favorites, and I love them both equally (of course, if I did have a favorite these lips would be sealed!).  

Meet Gigi...

A charming little Electra cruiser bike.  She's has 3 gears and a powder blue steel frame with cream and orange accents.  She'll carry all your goodies in her white basket and if anyone gets in her way-beware-her friendly bell will politely ask you to move!  

...and Chloe!

Chloe is a custom built (by my lovely hubby) city bike.  I was able to custom design her, and I must say she turned out gorgeous!  The steel frame is powder-coated the perfect shade of purple.  She has pink handlebars, yellow wheels, a white crank, pink chain, and a beautiful tan Brooks leather saddle.

I love my bikes (and my husband for giving each of them to me), not only because the are a fun mode of transportation, but also because I feel that they both represent parts of my personality and style...they are the ultimate accessory!

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Fritzy said...

Love the bikes! cant wait till mine is built and we can roll!

Kelly said...

They can't wait to ride with one of your many bikes!! :)

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