Wednesday, March 16, 2011

photographs via iphone

I love my iPhone for so many is practically my lifeline.  I can make phone calls, send emails, facebook, tweet, jam my favorite tunes, check movie listings, etc.  But, I think, the feature I love most about this magical little device is the fact that it doubles as a camera.  And, with a few trips to the App Store it also becomes a photo editing machine!  In celebrating this lovely little pocket camera, here are some of my favorite photos and edits from my iPhone...I will also let you in on my must-have photog-ing applications!

Here are some of my favorite shots... (click to enlarge)

And a few before and afters...

 The dealio with iPhone camera applications...
  • Must have's from the App Store: PS Express, Camera+, Toy Camera, Quad Camera, Old Camera, Instagram, CameraBag, Hipstamatic and Plastic Bullet. (Most of these run from $0.99-$1.99...with a few free ones mixed in!)
  • Personally, I tend to lean towards camera apps that allow you to upload photo's you have already taken from your library rather than forcing you to take the photo within the app and getting an automatic edit.  I prefer the control of deciding how to edit the photo.  It also gives you the freedom to try many different edits within the same or different applications at any time.  
  • My two cents - take tons and tons of photos and go back then play and edit later.  Do not waste time when you could be shooting some beautiful images.  This will also allow you to see which apps, filters, and features you love and which ones you could do with out!    
  • Play with the settings in all of these can often change the size of the photo, borders, choose your filters or have them randomly selected for you and a few other customized settings.
  • Share your pictures with others...its a great way to get feedback on your beautiful photos! 


Jessi said...

I have old camera app and love the rich B&W photos it takes. Thanks for the recommendations!

Kelly said...

I love that one too! Also, I really love camera+ and instagram! :)

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