Thursday, March 24, 2011

thirsty thursday -
the blooming daisy

It's almost friday!  And, in honor of the "almost weekend" I wanted to share a yummy cocktail recipe with you all.  The "blooming daisy" is a recreation of a delicious cocktail from one of my favorite restaurants! 

*what you need*
vodka (of your choice)
grand marnier



 Now for the good stuff...

1. put some ice and a bit of water in your martini glass and let it chill

2. throw a few raspberries (fresh or frozen) into your martini shaker

3. squeeze some lemon juice in there

4. muddle the raspberries and lemon juice together - yum!

5. pour 1 shot of grand marnier and add it in...

6. pour 1 shot of vodka and toss it in (this is getting good, right?)
7. repeat (yes, you heard me!)

8. top it all off with some ice in the shaker

9. put the lid on and give it a few really good shakes

10. pour the liquid goodness into your chilled martini glass

(garnish with an extra raspberry...if you so desire)

11. enjoy!  


side note: this was delicious with the chick-fil-a sandwich I enjoyed for dinner ;)


Fritzy said...

This looks good enough to make me start drinking again. :)

HeLLo! said...

I want one!

Kelly said...

I think these are a must for the birthday party too!

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