Wednesday, April 6, 2011

desk dreams

 {container store - brocade collection}

Since creating this blog, I have been wishing for a lovely space to work from.  There are so many fun, practical and unique office items available, that the possibilities are endless.  We can all design the inspiring and organized workspace of our dreams (with a little time, imagination and money).  For starters, I love, love, love pretty much everything at the container store and see jane work

These accessories are at the top of my list:

3. wallpaper file folders $10 (set of 6)
4. edge magazine file $17.99 (each)
9. mini magnetic strip $4.99 (each)
13. visitor chair $19.99

{container store - elfa office shelving & desk}

{see jane work - trends that work}


mundtck14 said...

Cute!! I'm always dreaming of redoing my office too. I'm tired of the brown walls, so dismal.

Kelly said...

Thanks-I love the blue color in a few of the pics above! :)

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