Thursday, April 21, 2011

go green

In honor of Earth Day tomorrow I wanted to share some tips on going green, as well as, some of my favorite eco friendly products.  

Top 10 tips to be green (via yahoo):
1. unplug and turn off
2. use less water
3. switch to compact fluorescent light bulbs
4. choose products with less packaging
5. buy organic and local foods
6. drive less
7. plant a tree
8. recycle more
9. buy green power
10. spread the word

1. crate and barrel, set of 12 dinner napkins $39.95
2. sigg, heritage $24.99
4. electra, daisy
5. lunchskins, reusable sandwich bag $8.95
6. crate and barrel, storage bowl $1.95
7. rume, medium shopping bag $9.95

Yes, you can be fashionable and good to the environment, too!
topo ranch, organic cotton easy tank $42
toms, vegan classics $54
people tree school of fair trade, chambray embroidered skirt $86.06
matt and nat, vegan/recycled zocalo bag $175

Happy Earth Day!  What are your favorite green products?

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