Thursday, April 7, 2011

lattes & lyrics

I started my day off right with a yummy cup of caffeine and some good music.  I wanted to share my lovely morning pick-me-up with you, too!

Iced Latte:
double shot of espresso + 10 oz. cold milk + ice = delicious

And, here is an hour of music for your day....enjoy!

1. harlem shakes - strictly game
2. the shins - kissing the lipless
3. edward sharpe & the magnetic zeros - home
4. the strokes - last night
5. tristan prettyman - love love love
6. delta spirit - people c'mon
7. the beatles - lucy in the sky with diamonds
8. snow patrol - chocolate
9. corinne bailey rae - put your records on
10. death cab for cutie - crooked teeth
11. jet - rollover d.j.
12. a.a. bondy - there's a reason
13. spoon - the way we get by
14. damien rice - the blowers daugher
15. modust mouse - the world at large
16. the flaming lips - do you realize
17. bob schneider - i'm good now

{mix cover art courtesy of: jana laurene}


Fritzy said...

note to self: Music can be an AFTERNOON pick up as well!

Kelly said...

Yes, of course...I am listening now too! :)

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