Tuesday, April 26, 2011

puppy loves

Meet my sweet puppy Lucy!  She loves giving kisses, taking walks, sleeping and eating treats (lots of treats)!  Today she wanted to contribute to the blog and share some of her favorite items for herself and fellow dogs to enjoy!  Lucy give's these items two paws up...

1. bamboo pet, bam travel bowl $7.99-$10.99
2. unitedk9, modern dog bowl $22.95
3. crate & barrel, "woof" treat jar $19.95
4. flexi, classic retractable leash $25-$38
5. harry barker, cotton rope tug and toss toy $6-$10
6. kong, classic kong $10-$20
7. walk-e-woo, dog collar $20-$24
8. chilewich, dog mat $35
9. harry barker, kennel club bone toy $9.50-$11.50
10, fleabag bed, star $98-$178

woof, woof!

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