Tuesday, May 17, 2011

skinnygirl margarita

“Everyone loves margaritas, but no one wants the guilt or the calories. That’s why I created the Skinnygirl™ Margarita. At only 100 calories for a full 4 oz. serving, all natural ingredients, no preservatives or artificial colors, lightly sweetened with agave nectar and made with premium Blue Agave clear Tequila, Skinnygirl™ is the margarita you can trust.”
- Bethenny Frankel

The Skinnygirl Margarita was created by Bethenny Frankel, a renowned natural foods chef, author of the New York Times Bestseller, Naturally Thin, and the star of Real Housewives of New York City. As a chef and mixologist, Bethenny is an expert in taking high calorie or otherwise unhealthy foods or cocktails, and making healthier versions of them. In the case of the margarita, this happened to be one of Bethenny’s favorite cocktails. She also knew the typical margarita served in a restaurant had over 500 calories in a 4 oz. serving. So, she created her own recipe on Real Housewives Season 1...which lead to the question "how do I make a skinnygirl margarita?"  She then realized there was an oppportunity: To create a low-calorie, all-natural prepared margarita for people like her, who are concerned about calories and ingredients, but still want to enjoy a cocktail responsibly!

Make your next girl's night in a skinnygiril night in.  The skinnygirl margarita has the same calories as wine, is all natural, and let's face it, a margarita without guilt is a lot more fun than a bottle of vino.  Check out the skinnygirl night in section of Bethenny's website for new healthy recipes from Bethenny you can make easily at home, as well as other ideas to make your skinnygirl night special! 

Want to make your own skinnygirl margaritas?  It's easy!
Check out this video with Bethenny...

(the margarita you can trust)


Julie Khuu said...

I have yet to taste this libation but I swear it's everywhere! And without all those pesky calories...I think Girls' Night In is definitely an order! Thanks for the friendly reminder ;D

Peace. Love. LOL!

Haute Khuuture Blog

Kelly said...

Try them...they are delish!!

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