Thursday, June 9, 2011

hipster how-to

I stumbled upon this (too good not to share) hipster how-to chart here.  This made me wonder what else was out there on the subject of "becoming a hipster."  The answer is A LOT!  (hipsters pat yourself on the back...everyone wants to become one of your kind!)  Most of the information is highly entertaining and seriously funny stuff!  I know learned a lot.  My skinny jeans and converse are apparently not enough to bring me to hipster status.  If you need a laugh or a lesson on becoming a hipster, crack open a PBR and read on... 

the next generation :: how to be a hipster
wikiHow answers :: how to be a hipster?
eHow answers :: how to dress like a hipster?
the hipster handbook :: hipster handbook :: hipster
urban dictionary :: definition of a hipster

Note :: "Heed this warning: Hipsters are generally disliked by wannabe hipsters. Mimicry is just another burden the uber-cool must bear, so tread lightly as you become a hipster."


Lisa said...


Christine said...

haha too funny! If you want to win hipster bingo, just go hang out around any highschool in Tulsa, that's all the kids are wearing these days!

Kelly said...

:) couldn't resit!

Josie said...

This is absolutely HYSTERICAL. Love it!
xo Josie

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