Monday, June 27, 2011

summer cocktail :: frozen strawberry-basil mojitos

It's finally the time of year for refreshing poolside cocktails!  It was in the 90's here this weekend and I hit the pool with some of my very favorite people!  It was the perfect occasion to try out a new cocktail recipe.  A frozen strawberry-basil mojito...yummy!!  The basil was the perfect last minute addition to the beverage thanks to my friend Laura's garden.  I must say this drink was a hit and I can't wait to mix it up again!  Here are the tasty and refreshing details...

the goods:
1 can frozen limeade
2 cups frozen strawberries 
2 limes
fresh mint
fresh basil

mixing it all together:
toss the frozen limeade in the blender
fill the empty limeade can with rum and add in
throw in 2 cups frozen strawberries
in a separate cup...
squeeze the juice of 2 limes 
toss in fresh mint and basil and muddle it all together
add the mixture to the blender
top it all off with some ice and blend away!!!

cheers friends!


Fritzy said...

Those were so good! just what a girl needed by the pool. :)

Anonymous said...

Looks wonderful !!!!!!

Kelly said...

Yum yum!! xoxo!

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