Wednesday, July 20, 2011

do it yourself (diy) manicure

I love nail polish, and try to change my polish quite often!  Although, I like getting manicures, my budget does not allow for weekly visits to the salon.  So, I have tried to perfect the at home manicure.  I am getting pretty good, if I do say so myself.  And, I have put some of the money I have saved, towards adding fresh colors to my nail polish collection!  (I can't resist a fun new color, and now I don't feel so bad!)  Here is my step by step process:

1. trim your nails to desired length (I prefer short)

2. clean up those cuticles

3. file your nails

4. buff until smooth

5. apply a thin coat of polish

6. repeat for a second coat (and third if needed)

7. let the polish dry slightly, then apply a clear top coat

8. be patient and sit still while your nails dry (this is the hard part!)

9. once dry, go back and fix your mistakes with a corrector pen

10. go out and show off your beautiful nails!
(and do something fun with the money you saved)
{diy manicure tools}

3. polish (splash of grenadine used above)
4. top coat (this or this)
5. nail corrector pen (this or this)

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