Tuesday, July 12, 2011

gifts for guys

Buying gifts for guys can sometimes be a difficult task!  Knowing what they want, need, etc.  (Some tend to be simpler than us ladies!)  Of course you want to give them something they love and enjoy, so sometimes it takes a little extra thought to find that perfect gift for your man.  Here are some of my favorite go-to gifts for guys... 

1. timex, vintage field army watch $150
2. crate & barrel, portable grill tool set $49.95
3. ray ban, the new wayfarer $119
4. converse, chuck taylor all star $46
5. teroforma, whisky stones $19.50
6. topo ranch, organic cotton tee $39
7. the new earth from above, 365 days book $11.98
8. graphic image, golf book set $82
9. the art of shaving, travel kit and razor $150
10. protocol, tigerjet remote controlled-helicopter $39.99

What is your favorite gift for your guy?

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