Wednesday, July 6, 2011

kelly's guacamole

One of my favorite dishes to make is guacamole.  So tasty!  
Here's how I make it:

ripe avocados - lemon - onion - tomato - serrano chile - cilantro - garlic - cayenne pepper - garlic salt - salt and pepper - hot sauce

Chop tomatoes, onion, pepper, cilantro and garlic and set aside.  Slice avocado's in half and spoon out contents into bowl and coarsely mash with a fork.  Squeeze lemon juice over avocados and mix in.  Add in your chopped ingredients mixing each in with your fork.  Toss in the seasonings to taste!  I like it spicy!

*play around with the ingredients to make your perfect guacamole*


Preacher's wife's friend said...


Aunt Mary said...

Can't wait to taste this! Perfect with being lovely margaritas!

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