Wednesday, September 14, 2011

missoni for target

Yesterday, Target's highly anticipated Missoni for Target collection was released in stores and online!  I woke up bright and early to hop online and snag a few items, but sadly the website was down for most of the day!  Quite the Missoni disaster!  By the time I was able to view anything online almost all items were sold out.  I couldn't wait for 5 o'clock so I could make a beeline to my local target (or 3).  When I arrived the clothing racks were bare, as were most of the shelves.  At the end of my Target/Missoni scavenger hunt I was lucky enough to snag a few pairs of shoes, bags and some lovely home accessories!

{empty shelves at my local store}
{my loot and lucy!!!}

 {website crash greeting....woof!}

{when the website was functioning here is what you saw}

{here are some popular items from the website}

Did any one have any Missoni success at Target yesterday?!

I am happy to say I am drinking coffee from a Missoni mug this morning! ;)  xoxo!

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