Tuesday, October 18, 2011

posh pet portraits

You all know how much I love my little Lucy!  She has such a big personality, and I am constantly snapping photos to capture her doing all the silly and cute things she does.  I recently stumbles upon the talented Jo Chambers of Sudio Legohead, who creates the most darling pet portraits (think pugs in pucci cute).  Her portraits really bring out the personality in the pet - too fun!  A must-have for pet lovers!

About Jo's art...  "Drawing dogs and capturing the characters of these canines is what I do best and continue to find endless joy doing so. I like to imagine the personalities of the dogs. And more often than not they will be adorned with hats, scarves, necklaces etc, whatever really I feel fits their personalities."  How cute are these pooches...

{Visit Studio Legohead's Etsy shop}
post cards, $1.40

I think my Lucy may need her own portrait soon... 
(maybe similar to her scarf look seen here ... or some sunnies?)

(Isn't she precious?)


Christine said...

Those are so good!! Your Lucy looks a lot like my Cooper! Maltese's are the cutest! I'm sure they'd be bff!

Lisa said...

Stop now!! These are too cute! I am partial to the pug portraits:) Maybe Hank and Lola need one!

Kelly said...

Christine - I am sure they would be instant besties (and the cutest ever)!

Lisa - I was so thinking of Hank and Lola when posting this!


Jo said...

Hello It's Jo.

Thanks for the post and lovely comments about my work.
I'm glad you like them.
I'd be delighted to take on a commission of your cute four legged friend so please do get in touch if ever it takes your fancy.

Jo x x

Kelly said...

Thanks Jo! Your work is amazing! I will be getting in touch soon. I have to have one of your darling portraits of my sweet Lucy! :)


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