Friday, November 18, 2011

bits & pieces

Is Thanksgiving really less than a week away?  Time is flying by so quickly that it is hard to keep up!  I have lots of fun plans and trips over the next few weeks and I am excited to get the fun-ball rolling.  (In other words, let's get this party started!)  Who's ready for the weekend?

:: nail polish of the week ::

:: a sign of good fortune ::
{a girl can hope}

:: freshly organized nail polish collection ::
{featured here in case you missed it}

:: brace yourself - it has begun ::
{the holidays are in full-swing at the mall}

:: warm and shiny ::
{new scarf and earrings - j.crew factory visit}

Have a lovely weekend!  xo!

1 comment:

Fritzy said...

xo! Safe Travels, and Happy Turkey Day!

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