Tuesday, November 8, 2011

the perfect sock bun

To complete my Halloween costume this year (Black Swan) I was determined to have the prefect ballerina bun! After much googling, pinterest searching, and testing I mastered the "sock bun"!  Since I received several complements and inquires on my lovely bun, I decided to share this special trick with all of you.  Here is a step by step guide...remember, practice makes perfect! 

1. Cut the toe out of a sock
2. Roll the sock down until you create a "sock donut"
4. Put your hair in a pony tail
3. Put the donut around the top of your pony
5. Roll the sock down the pony - tucking your hair inside as you roll
6. Keep rolling until you form the perfect bun

the lovely sock bun how-to video:

good luck dolls!


Virginie's Cinema said...

Such a cool DIY! I never would have thought to use a sock to create the perfect bun!

Definitely will be trying it :)

Virginie ♥

Kelly said...

Such a fun trick and it really creates the perfect bun! :)

Amy said...

Thanks for this tutorial. My teenage daughter and I have been working on our sock bun technique. We both suffer from lack of coordination and layered hair, so we don't have it down quite yet. We'll keep practicing until we get it down though. Or our layers grow out. Which ever comes first. :) Thanks again!

leblogdetifleur.over-blog.com said...

Very nice idea! I try and I successed!
Thanks for this tuto. I wrote an article with a link to your blog, and this image. It wil be published tomorrow morning. Tell me if you like!

Thanks for all!

Anonymous said...

Looooooooooooooooooove it, I have short hair,and with my teen sons sock i managed to make it :) Thanks for the tutorial, I hope you dont mind I linked back to you on the tutorial :)

Blessings, Renee

Audrey said...

I have shoulder-length, but layered hair, and with a slightly shorter portion of the sock (cut out a little more of the toe area), I was able to successfully do this. I can't believe it :) Thanks for the tutorial. Side note, though, the video says it's blocked due to some WMG copyright something or other?

Anonymous said...

I have extremely thick and layered hair and this worked like a charm! So happy! I've been so tired of the ugly original bun when i just wanna throw my hair up. This is stylish too!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I find it difficult to roll all my hair into the sock-donut neatly so I use a variation of this technique.

I pull my pony through the sock, so that the sock is at the base of the pony (resting on my head). Then fan your hair out over the sock until it is covered completely. Slip a second elastic around the bun then pull the ends around the base of the bun as many times as needed so that they are tucked underneath and out of sight, then secure the tucked away ends with a couple of bobby pins.

This is a good technique for people who have layered hair or for people with shorter hair that may not roll into the sock as easily as longer hair.

: )

Taylor said...

Took a million tries and sock trimming but I got a decent messy one.

Aqeelah said...

this is genius! thanks!

Melissa said...

You think it would work with an old schrunchie?

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