Monday, January 9, 2012

diy flavored salts

Last month, when we were at the farmers market in San Francisco I came across some lovely flavored salts that I meant to go back and purchase.  Our day became too busy and we never made it back to the market to make the purchase.  Over the holiday's I was out shopping with a friend back home and mentioned how I wished I had purchased those salts - she said "why don't you just make them, you make everything else!" Huh - hadn't thought of that one.  But, it was the perfect idea - a great project at a fraction of the price from the farmers market (these would make a great gift, too)!

You can combine any dried herbs/flavors (to taste) with sea salt in a mortar and pestle (or food processor) and grind until blended!

These are the combinations I started with:
lavender/rosemary/thyme salt
garlic/basil/oregano/lemon salt
citrus (lemon/orange) salt

What flavor would you create?


Gabriella said...

This is a brilliant idea. I will be trying your lavender mix soon, perhaps this weekend!

Kelly said...

You will love it! :) I am excited to try some other combo's too! Thanks for reading!

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