Thursday, March 22, 2012

first trimester favorites

1. what to expect when you're expecting -
great book with ton's of info for the first time mommy.

2. ingrid & isabel, bella band -
keep wearing your regular jeans with this handy accessory!

3. mama mio, tummy rub -
they say you can't prevent stretch marks, but just in case I have been lathering this yummy belly butter on every morning - smells lovely, too!

4. the girlfriends guide to pregnancy -
another great book, the info only your girlfriends would dish out!

5. chick-fil-a french fries -
mmmmm...enough said! ;)

6. preggie pops -
although nothing cured my "morning sickness" these were soothing and tasty.

7. traditional medicinals, peppermint tea -
another nausea soother and digestion aid.  yes, I have traded in the cocktails for tea!

8. one-a-day, prenatal vitamins -
lots of good nutrients for me and my baby to be!

9. 2chix, knocked up maternity tee -
super cute way to tell your friends or coworkers you are expecting!
(this green one was perfect for st. pat's!)


Jessi said...

That mama mio stuff smells delish. I got the preggie pop drops which kind of helped at times. I've had horrible all day nausea that's just now subsiding at 14 weeks. Hope you feel better soon. If you're still sick- zofran helps.

kelly | being lovely said...

Ugh - I feel your pain on the nausea! I am 13 weeks now and finally starting to feel a bit better! Yay for babies! xo! :)

Christine said...

Such cute stuff! My husband's cousin just announced she's pregnant for the first time - I'm totally buying that Girlfriend's Guide book for her and some jelly bellys of course! :)

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