Monday, August 20, 2012

recent recipes

We have been testing out some new recipes lately (mostly found via pinterest).  Most of them have been super tasty and some could use a little something extra next time (noted below).  Most of these were fairly easy to make and also made for great leftovers which is always a plus in our house!  Would definitely make each of them again...

(3 stars - will add something with more flavor -spices or herbs - to the chicken mixture next time - a little bland as the recipe is now.)

buffalo turkey burgers with blue cheese broccoli slaw + potato salad

(4.5 stars - will add more hot sauce for an extra kick next time - we like things extra spicy!  The blue cheese dressing is awesome, as well as the red potato salad.)

 sausage stuffed zucchini boats

(5 stars - the recipe is perfect as is - one of our new favorites!)

(4 stars - added chicken sausage and fresh basil to this recipe - yum!)

(4 stars - may cut back a bit on the cheese next time - otherwise great and perfect for freezing or leftovers.)

Would love the link's to any recipes you have tried and loved lately!


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